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Domaine Johannsen is, first and foremost, a story of family and friends united through their passion for the outdoors and their love of Tremblant. Immersed in Tremblant’s exceptional environment from a very young age, the project’s developers aspire to create a living environment that is at once accessible, inclusive and eco-responsible—and one that they will live in with their families and proudly leave as a legacy for future generations to enjoy.  

People serving their community

Long-time philanthropists, the four partners contribute to a number of causes and organize charitable events for the benefit of the community. This includes the Let’s Bond collective for mental health, which the group founded in 2011, and which has raised over $3.6 million dollars for the Jeunes en tête and Douglas foundations. The Harden Group is also involved with some twenty organizations, including the Charles-Bruneau Foundation and Tremblant’s 24h event. 

quatre associés Domaine Johannsen

Anna-Isabelle Morency-Botello
Property Manager and Lawyer

Louis-Philippe Therrien
Property Manager and Elite Skier

Chris Harden
Co-Chief Executive Officer of the Harden Group

Tyler Harden
Co-Chief Executive Officer of the Harden Group

Domaine Johannsen embodies the vision of an enriching living environment where humans thrive in harmony with nature.

A highly sought-after residential project that further enhances Tremblant’s reputation.

Cherished properties that are passed down from generation to generation.

A memorable place where the dreams of youth and the memories of tomorrow are created.

Activités en famille

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