Follow the rhythm of the seasons.

and bolder

Domaine Johannsen invites you to live in a housing project with a resort feel—the perfect place to build the primary or secondary residence of your dreams. Integrated into the natural environment of the surrounding virgin forest in the most respectful way, Domaine Johannsen combines the tranquility of wide-open spaces, the beauty of the Laurentians and the enjoyment of the outdoors.

Nestled in Mont-Tremblant’s spectacular environment, each of the vast wooded lots within Domaine Johannsen are private, cozy cocoons where the entire family can flourish in the midst of nature’s bounty.

Go out and play.

Domaine Johannsen invites you to enjoy the many benefits of the great outdoors. Its wooded territory and recreational/sports infrastructures allow you to take part in a number of different activities with every changing season, right in your own living environment.

Live in a private estate crisscrossed with multifunction trails and protected recreational areas, where you can celebrate the great outdoors every single day. 

in harmony
with nature.

  • A 193-acre sustainable development project with a low environmental impact, nestled in a natural environment
  • A vast selection of 54 undulating wooded lots between 1 and 4 acres in size
  • Breathtaking views of the unique landscapes of the Laurentians, including Mont Tremblant and Mont Blanc
  • Protected natural areas featuring spaces for rest and relaxation, play structures and obstacle courses
  • Paths created especially for hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and mountain biking
  • A Scandinavian-style architectural scheme that ensures future homes harmoniously integrate into the natural environment

An eco-responsible residential
project focused
on the future

Protecting and celebrating nature are the core values of Domaine Johannsen. Our eco-responsible vision is reflected in the way infrastructures are organized to ensure people can harmoniously coexist with their environment. The boundaries of lots and roads, the architectural design of the houses and the layout of the common areas are adapted to the environment in which they are located, rather than the other way around.

  • The deforestation required for infrastructures, site location and development is kept at a very minimum. In fact, only 14% of the territory is deforested.
  • 34% of the territory is reserved for protected recreational zones. These are vast wooded areas that are developed and regulated by a charter of co-ownership.
  • Existing roads and trails are reused to the maximum extent possible in the project’s design.
  • The site features shared collection of residual materials—recycling, compost, and garbage.
  • Future buildings must adhere to the established architectural scheme, which promotes the use of natural materials and natural light and is based on an innovative concept—all with a view to ensuring sustainable development.
  • The site’s wetlands and water environments are protected through the involvement of a recognized biology firm.

Celebrate every day.

Whether they are spent with our significant other, our parents, children or friends, the best moments are those we spend with with the people we love. Domaine Johannsen is an intimate place to experience all of life’s special moments with your loved ones, from sunny days with family to festive evenings with friends.

The estate inspires a neighbourhood vibe that promotes a sense of belonging and helps forge lasting ties. A connection with nature, a slower pace of life, a caring community… enhance your quality of life in a family-oriented environment focused on your daily well-being.  


Domaine Johannsen offers vast lots on which to build a primary or secondary residence in accordance with your needs. Architectural standards are imposed to ensure the aesthetic nature of the project and the ability of homes to harmoniously integrate into their spectacular surroundings.

Based on these architectural standards, residences within the estate must be high-quality homes of modern design that integrate ecological concepts. Natural light, authenticity, sustainability and comfort are the main features of this architectural scheme. Inspired by a Scandinavian architectural style, it also promotes use of high-quality materials and an abundance of windows.

La Sève’s

Acclimatized to the Laurentians, architectural firm La Sève favours a bioclimatic approach in creating living environments that promote a connection between the indoors and the outdoors

Domaine Johannsen is proud to collaborate with La Sève for the design of its architectural scheme and its housing concepts as well as the estate’s entrance and signage. 

Build the primary or secondary
residence of your dreams.

Let yourself be inspired by La Sève’s housing concepts.
Each of which reflects the architectural scheme in its own unique way and offers a wide range of quality options to suit different budgets..

**Note that the architectural renderings are provided as guidelines only. Individual property owners are responsible for choosing their own architect and builder.

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The properties at Domaine Johannsen are now available for purchase,
starting at $99,000.

Feel free to contact us to reserve your lot. We will be happy to take you on a tour of the estate and answer all of your questions.