Make the Laurentian Forest your home.

Vast forested lots for purchase in the heart of Tremblant
starting at $99,000.

Domaine Johannsen: How it all started

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Nature Mont Tremblant

Flourish in
the heart of an
enchanted forest.

Domaine Johannsen welcomes you to a larger-than-life family-oriented living environment, harmoniously integrated into the spectacular surroundings of Mont-Tremblant.

Enjoy the best of every season in a private eco-responsible estate crisscrossed with trails and dotted with protected areas, where you can celebrate the outdoors each and every day.

Maison Domaine Johannsen

Choose from among 54 wooded lots between 1 to 4 acres in size.

Build the home of your dreams on an immense undulating lot surrounded by the natural beauty of a virgin forest. 


Domaine Johannsen boasts an extraordinary geographical location,
just 12 kilometres from Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort and near the charming shops in the Saint-Jovite sector.

Johannsen: a name that inspires a healthy, active lifestyle.

Domaine Johannsen proudly bears the name of Herman Johannsen, better known as the Jackrabbit. A pioneer of cross-country skiing in North America, Mr. Johannsen greatly contributed to Mont-Tremblant’s international reputation, notably by connecting over 90 km of trails in the Laurentians.   


By spotlighting its trials and protected recreational and sporting areas, Domaine Johannsen pays tribute to the legacy of this exceptional centenarian, thereby hoping to inspire its inhabitants to enjoy a lifestyle that is focused on the outdoors.

Faites confiance à des développeurs locaux

Put your trust in local developers.

Domaine Johannsen is, first and foremost, a story of family and friends united through their passion for the outdoors and their love of Tremblant. The project’s developers aspire to create a living environment that is at once accessible, inclusive and eco-responsible—and one that they will live in with their families and proudly leave as a legacy for future generations to enjoy.  

Reserve your lot today!

The properties at Domaine Johannsen are now available for purchase,
starting at $99,000.

Feel free to contact us to reserve your lot. We will be happy to take you on a tour of the estate and answer all of your questions.